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Beasen Motorized Shades: Embrace Smart Home Treatment Options With It

Beasen Motorized Shades: Embrace Smart Home Treatment Options With It

Nancy Hu |


  1. Gives Control
  2. Scheduled Automation
  3. Voice Commands
  4. Runs on a Rechargeable Battery
  5. Energy Efficient

It’s high time we transform our lives and with it our houses. Gone are the days of rusty and dusty window panels that make your house look dull and boring. Make smart and unique choices when it comes to home treatment options; here is how motorized shades can make your life better.

The humanrace is evolving on a speed train with new and smart technological breakthroughs assuaging us to change our day-to-day life for the better. We are making life easier, quicker, and better with smart technologies in every single field of work. So why not our own houses?

From lack of sleep to compromised privacy; Beasen Motorized shades are going to solve a lot of problems for you. In this blog, we will tell you all the amazing features of motorized shades and how they are a better and unique choice for your house.


Beasen Motorized Shades


1.Gives Control

These Motorized shades are your only solution when it comes to smart access and east control. You can easily control these shades with a single click on a remote.

If you ever felt like not even getting up from the couch to draw the blinds after a long tiring day at work, then these can be your lifesaver. Now you can control more than fifteen shades with just a few swipes of your finger. The ease and comfort that they provide is making motorized shades a staple for modern housing. It makes your house smarter and unique with impressive and standard technology.

Moreover, who has time to draw down every single shade in the house before they go to bed? Now you can do it easily through smart remote control access. You can also efficiently block the sunlight out when you are resting during the day and let the shades go up when you want the sunlight to shine through your house. These Motorized shades are also a great option for offices since it gives amazing control features.

And above all, it is an amazing buy for you if have windows in your house that are extremely hard to reach. There is no need to jump and climb into the future to access those hard-to-reach windows if you get your hands on these remote-controlled motorized shades.


Beasen Motorized Shades


2.Scheduled Automation

Another feature that makes Beasen Motorized shades so unique is their scheduled Automation system. You can add daily and weekly schedules to automate every room in your house. You will be able to wake up peacefully by natural light flowing in your room without having to actually turn the shades up. You can also automate these Motorized shades to raise when you finally get home after a long day. It will also automatically lower the shades when you are working or traveling away from your house.

If you are a fan of sunsets and sunrises but somehow you always miss them due to your busy schedule or you just can’t keep track of time. Just schedule your shades through your tablet or mobile to raise during sunsets or sunrises.

3.Voice Commands

If even a few swipes on your tablet or mobile phone seem a lot of effort then you can voice command to automate the shades on your windows. This feature allows you to regulate the shades even if your hands are not free and you are doing something else.

These can be connected to Google assistant, Siri, and Amazon Alexa. Apart from really elevating the ease and efficiency, these Motorized blinds add a very interesting décor to your house. Your guests and friends can’t but leave impressed with the fast and innovative technology of Beasen Motorized blinds. Simply put, these practically scream trendy and convenient.


Beasen Motorized Shades


4.Runs on a Rechargeable Battery

Adding to the list of all the convenient things about these Motorized shades, they also have immensely flexible power options. There is no need to fuss over changing and replacing the batteries with these Motorized shades. They have a rechargeable battery with an amazing running time of almost six months with just 6 hours of charging.

USB charging is also available If you want to connect the battery to a power bank or a wall socket. In case you don’t have any wall sockets near your windows, you can install a solar panel. All you will have to do is connect a battery to the solar panel and the shades will draw energy from the sun throughout the day.

5.Energy Efficient

In addition to all these amazing features, motorized shades have another plus: they save your money by being more energy efficient than regular blinds. How so?

Well, for starters, their scheduled Automation system allows you to close the blinds after midday which will keep your house from overheating. Or you can draw the blinds up during the day letting a natural light flow in your house. This way, you can turn off unnecessary lamps and fixtures and reduce your electricity bill.

You can make your house smart and innovative with the help of these trendy motorized shades that are going to make your home décor a lot more impressive and faster. Beasen has an amazing selection of Motorized shades on their website that you can choose from.

These also come in different materials and designs that will fit your house aesthetic perfectly. Elevate your house with smart future technologies and visit their website right now to make a purchase that you will never regret.

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