Best Motorized Shades: to Elevate Your House Aesthetic

Best Motorized Shades: to Elevate Your House Aesthetic


  1. Remote Control
  2. Schedulable Automation
  3. Voice Commands
  4. Rechargeable Batteries
  5. Energy Efficiency
  6. Safety and Convenience
  7. Futuristic luxury

Shades and blinds that extend, retract, or tilt themselves are indeed a luxury for any smart home, but they’re also extremely useful. They can also help save energy and improve home security. Beasen’s motorized shades are one of the best options. Because of their flawless, quick, and silent movement, they are ideal for smart home models. In addition to being highly functional, they also look elegant and are economical.

Smart shades are the pinnacle of home convenience. It’s pretty fun to set your roller shades

to wake you up in the morning and help you ease into your day and hopefully get out of bed.

However, smart shades vary in intelligence, with only a few brands providing quality, variety, and compatibility with home automation systems all at the same time. Beasen offers one of the best smart shades for you to elevate your house aesthetic.

There are numerous reasons to prefer Beasen over any other brand. Some of the self-tested features make these shades the best out there on the market.


Best motorized shades


Remote Control

The Beasen’s shades are remote-controlled. Push-button control can be lifesaving when it comes to opening or closing windows that are hard to reach. The remote can control up to fifteen shades simultaneously. With remote-controlled technology, these shades save time and increase convenience. Now, you no longer need to climb up a ladder, move some furniture, or even touch the shades to extend or retract them. You can have the shades open, half-open, quarter-open, or closed, all by pressing a single button. You can download their remote control guide from their website.

Schedulable Automation

Using your smart device (a phone or a tablet), you can set a daily or even weekly routine for lowering and raising the shades. Do you want the sun to wake you up? Or sleep peacefully and naturally? Or do you want to relax in the beautiful setting sun after your workday is done? All you need to do is set a timer on your phone to close or open the Beasen shades. An additional benefit is a security these shades give you while you are traveling. Scheduling automation is one of the major advantages these shades give you when it comes to planning your smart home. You can simply set the timings and forget them; the smart technology will take care of the rest. There is a product manual available on Beasen’s website for more information.


Best motorized shades


Voice Commands

If you have an Amazon Alexa or a Samsung SmartThings smart device, you can control these shades with voice commands thanks to NLU technology. So, now you can be doing things and simply voice-control these shades to open or close, adding convenience to your lifestyle. This trendy technology is an excellent way to update your smart home. You can download a programming guide for this technology from the Beasen website.

Rechargeable Batteries

The Beasen’s motorized shades run on rechargeable batteries. Once completely charged, these batteries can last up to six months, meaning that you are only required to charge them twice a year. Moreover, these batteries only take six hours to be fully charged. These may be charged using a USB wall socket, and if there is no wall socket near your window, you can also use a power bank to charge these shades. There is also an option for solar charging if you want to be free from the hassle of charging it. A how-to-charge guide is available on the Beasen’s webpage.


Best motorized shades


Energy Efficiency

The Beasen’s shades can help you save money on your electricity bill by allowing more sunlight into your home during warmer hours, blocking out the sunlight, or setting fixtures for energy savings when you would otherwise have to turn on the air conditioning. This means you will be using your thermostat less frequently.

Safety and Convenience

The Beasen’s shades are completely automatic, which means that they are cordless and wireless. Not only does this add to the convenience of not having to do anything manually in a smart home, but it also reduces the risk of kids or pets playing with the cords and getting themselves entangled with them. This is one of the major benefits of automatic shades over manual ones. Apart from safety and convenience, these also add to the overall aesthetics of these shades and make your windows appear more modern.


Best motorized shades


Futuristic luxury

Apart from functionality, efficiency, and safety, the most prominent aspect of Beasen’s shades is that they are designed to give a futuristic outlook to your smart home. They are modern-looking and add to the overall aesthetic of your house. Shades from Beasen’s are available in a wide range of elegant colors. They can be minimal or matte in appearance, depending on the needs of a well-executed smart home. They can be customized to fit the size of the window or to be as tall and wide as you want. They come with a perfect-fit guarantee.

Beasen is offering shades of the highest quality. These are just as good as any other brand, but the prices are a lot different. Economic prices are a differentiating factor. Also, their shades are self-installable, which also saves you the money that could go into the installation. Beasen also offers free shipping worldwide and a limited lifetime warranty. On their website, there are professional guides on how to choose motors, how to install shades, how to clean, how to choose blinds and shades, and how to use the app. For a new buyer, all of these things definitely matter, and this professionalism makes Beasen the most reliable brand.

Anyone looking to buy shades or planning on home improvement should definitely consider Beasen. You can check their website,, for more information.

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