Blackout Roller Shades: Why You Should Choose It Over Regular Curtains?

Blackout Roller Shades: Why You Should Choose It Over Regular Curtains?


  1. Regular curtains can make your place look small
  2. Regular curtains are harder to clean
  3. Regular curtains cause strangulation Hazard
  4. Regular curtains are more expensive

Cost efficient, better looking, and saves time; blackout roller shades are quickly replacing regular curtains in the world of modern interior design. Here is why roller shades are more convenient and better performing than regular curtains.

Gone are the days of frilly curtains adorning every single wall of your home!

Modern housing is all about making your place look cleaner and more streamlined. With minimal looks and clutter-free space being the new stable of interior designing; blackout roller shades are becoming increasingly popular in home treatment options.

Moreover, it takes a lot of effort and time in managing regular curtains. You have to match the color, buy fabric, and whatnot. Thankfully there is an option to make life easier for you. Blackout roller shades are not only easy to install, manage, and clean but they are also cost-efficient and ensure privacy.

It’s high time you replace the regular curtains in your house with blackout roller shades. Why so? Let us tell you how choosing blackout roller shades are going to make your life a lot easier and better.


Blackout Roller Shades


Regular curtains can make your place look small

A lot of people have small places and they have to work with them to fit all their commodities while making it look clean and minimal. This might sound a little on the impossible side, but it is possible. Have you just bought a house that is not very big and you want to fit everything nicely into it without making it look crammed? If yes, then we have a tip for you: replace all the curtains with Blackout roller shades.

You just have to be smart with the space that you have and use furniture and home treatments that are going to save you space. Roller shades are window treatments that are extremely easy to use and manage.

But what is the problem with regular curtains? You may ask. For starters, one of the biggest inconveniences of having fabric curtains hung around your windows is that they take up a lot of space both on the walls and floor. Even when they are drawn aside, they take up a considerable amount of floor space making your room look tiny and crammed even if you don't have a lot of furniture. Simply put, fabric curtains just take up a lot of space regardless of regardless of you using any fabric or material. Whereas roller shades are made up of only a single panel of fabric which can be neatly rolled up on the top of your window making your room look streamlined.


Blackout Roller Shades


Regular curtains are harder to clean

Another cumbersome thing about fabric curtains is that they are extremely frustrating to clean. You have to take them off the railings and hooks every time you get a little stain on them. They are made up of rolls and rolls of fabrics that are very difficult to fit in your washing machine. This is the reason why you mostly have to send these curtains to a dry cleaner. Due to this prolonged cleaning procedure, curtains are washed very less and they collect all kinds of dirt and debris.

This can also cause health problems for you especially if you have a sinus problem. Blackout roller shades are easy to manage and will also give you a lot of privacy. If you get a stain on them, it is advised to spot-clean them rather than immersing them in water. You can also vacuum roller shades to get rid of all the collected dust. It is better if you keep the suction setting to low or medium.

Regular curtains cause strangulation Hazard

In addition to taking up a lot of space, regular curtains also take up a lot of fabric. If you have children in your house then you need to take extra care because fabric curtains can cause a strangulation hazard. Plus they also collect a lot of dust which can be harmful to your kids when they are playing around.

Blackout roller shades are extremely children friendly. Not only do they take up absolutely no floor space but you can use these shades to eliminate all the light from your room. This function is extremely useful if you have a baby. You can create a peaceful and relaxed environment to sleep in without any disturbance. Darkness compels your body to immediately relax and sleep even when it is daytime. You can also install blackout roller shades in your house if you have insomnia or sleeping problems.


Blackout Roller Shades


Regular curtains are more expensive

Whether you have bought a new house or just renovated your old one, it is extremely important to be smart and cost-efficient with all of your purchases. Curtains need a lot of fabric and railing and therefore cost far more than blackout roller shades. And despite being more expensive, they render no great benefits. Curtains cannot block out light like blackout roller shades nor do they provide you with maximum privacy.

With roller shades, you can mask yourself and your activities from nosy passersby as well as your intrusive neighbors. On the other hand, curtains are not completely peek-poof and look less aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, if you want to be a little lenient on your pocket while getting possibly better functions, choose blackout roller shades. These can be your ultimate best friend if you are not a great fan of sunlight and want to have dim and peaceful lighting in your house.

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