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Compatible With

Samsung SmartThings

Make Your Home Smarter

Control your smart blinds from anywhere through the SmartThings app.

  • Precise Light Control

    Use your SmartThings app to adjust your blinds to 0% closed (fully open), 50% closed (half-open), or 100% closed (fully closed), for more precise light control.

  • Voice Control

    Easily control your smart blinds with SmartThings app.

  • Automation

    Schedule your blinds to automatically open or close at a specific time of day. Get a great night's sleep with a cozy dark room and wake up to gentle, natural sunlight.


  • Google Assistant

    Sync your Google Assistant to your blinds through the SmartThings app for convenient smart features like custom voice commands.

  • Amazon Alexa

    You can connect your Amazon Alexa device to your blinds through the SmartThings app for cool features like Scenes and voice control.

Setup Guide

  • Open the SmartThings app. On the SmartThings, Device screen, select the (+) icon

  • Select your Beasen Home Blinds


  • Choose your Shade location

  • Pair your smart blinds

Things to Know

Which motor should I select to use with my SmartThings App?

You should select the Zigbee motor to sync to your SmartThings app.

Do I need a bridge or gateway to connect my SmartThings App to the blinds?

Yes, you need the SmartThings Hub directly connected via Zigbee to add shades to the SmartThings App.

How do I program my blinds to my SmartThings App?

Pleae refer to our SmartThings Programming Guide for step-by-step instructions

Can I link my SmartThings app to Google Assistant?

Yes, you can control your blinds with Google Assistant devices. You must sync the devices through the SmartThings app.