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Motorized Zebra Blinds for Your Windows: A Sleek Solution to Smart Room Darkening

Motorized Zebra Blinds for Your Windows

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  1. Custom Made
  2. Ultimate Control
  3. Peacefully Uplifting
  4. Children Friendly
  5. Sleek Look

Do you want to filter out light smartly without blocking away all of it? Beasen zebra blinds is a sleek solution to the modern room darkening effect. You can achieve 60 to 80 percent blackout with these innovative blinds. Keep on reading to discover other benefits and uses of smart zebra blinds for windows

While blackout blinds are great for reducing the glare on your computer and television screens, they can be less than ideal for some people who do in fact prefer some light illuminating their offices and bedrooms. And why not? Natural Light is amazing for your mind and mood. It can make you feel energized and awake. Some sunlight flowing through your room also creates an illusion of a neater and more spaciousplace.

On the other hand, too much sunlight is often not preferred when you are trying to rest or create a peaceful environment to let yourself relax. This is when you feel the need for something that will let just enough light in according to your likeness and preference.

The zebra blinds have found a sweet spot between a total blackout and eye-squinting brightness. With Beasen’s premium quality zebra blinds, you can achieve the correct amount of natural light in your room.

Here is why zebra blinds are a perfect fit for your room and office windows.


Zebra Blinds

Custom Made

Those of us who struggle with perfectionism in home treatment options can understand how important it is to get custom sizes and fabrics for your window shades and blinds. Beasen, thankfully understands this and provides custom options for their buyers. You can select the fabrics and materials for the contrasting panels of the blinds. The zebra blinds come with alternating panels of light and dark color which are available in options like granite, line stone, and dark grey.

You can even choose the darker fabric to either be light-blocking or light filtering. This is going to give you maximum control over how you want your zebra blinds to function and how much light you want to filter into your room or office.

Apart from this, you can also custom-size your zebra blinds to exactly fit your windows. You will find instructions on the Beasen website on how you can measure the size of the zebra blinds that you are ordering and how to custom-fit them according to the size of your windows.

Ultimate Control

Other than the customizable nature of these zebra blinds, the easy control they offer is another feature that you should add to your list of all the pros about Beasen Zebra Blinds. These shades can be completely motorized with an integrated battery that doesn’t need to be replaced. These batteries are USB C rechargeable and give you a running time of almost six months with a charging time of mere six hours.

These come with voice control, app control, and remote control options. You can smartly automate these blinds on your mobile phone or tablet. The remote control can access more than fifteen blinds separately or altogether. However, what’s really impressive about Beasen blinds is that they are also voice controlled. Now you won’t even have to find the remote and will be able to regulate these blinds however and whenever you want. The voice-controlled feature is going to give you amazing feasibility when you are doing something and your hands are not free. Plus, it is a cool feature to add to your modern house aesthetic. You can connect these zebra blinds to any smart assistant like Google, Siri, or Alexa to activate the voice command option.


Zebra Blinds

Peacefully Uplifting

As we mentioned above, Sunlight is a great way to make you energized and awake during working hours but is it ideal when you are trying to rest? No, while sunlight is statistically proven to increase your output, too much of it can also immensely distribute your sleeping cycle and rest should be taken when it is due. This is the reason why Zebra Blinds can be a perfect solution for you to automate your sleep schedule. It will help you find a middle ground and create a peacefully uplifting environment that will encourage your mind to relax.

Children Friendly

While this may seem insignificant to some of you, for others, it is the only thing that they look for when choosing home treatment options. Yes, we are talking about people who have kids. Beasen blinds are made up of only one panel of fabric and their custom sizing makes them fit perfectly to your windows. Hence they take up less floor space and cannot cause any strangulation hazards.

And even if you have a newborn, these can be an ideal choice for you. You can ensure that your baby gets a peaceful sleep even during the day with the light-blocking Zebra panels.


Zebra Blinds

Sleek Look

Let’s not overlook the best thing about Beasen Motorized zebra blinds: their sleek and sophisticated look. These are perfect for adding a neater look to your modern architecture and size-efficient furniture. The alternating panels create a very appealing look that streamlines your entire room

It lets just enough light in to define your room without making it too bright. Simply put, these go amazingly with any wall color and furniture. Their minimal looks and colors make your rooms complete without doing too much. Consider these as a sleek and subtle detail to your rooms and offices.

If you are still not convinced about the benefits of Beasen Zebra Blinds, you can visit their website and have a look at all the different color options and sizes they offer.

Beasen can be your ultimate stop to find all the best home treatment options. They have a wide and premium selection of blinds and roller shades for your Windows that are going to elevate your house aesthetic without going over the board.

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