Motorized Window Shades: Installation, Control, and Benefits for a Convenient Home Ambiance

Motorized Window Shades: Installation, Control, and Benefits for a Convenient Home Ambiance


  1. Your blinds or shades have never been simpler to open and close!
  2. How are Motorized Shades controlled?
  3. How are Motorized Shades powered?
  4. How to install or clean Motorized Shades?
  5. What are the benefits of Motorized Shades?
  6. Can Motorized shades be cut to window size?
  7. Are Motorized Shades expensive?

The focus of modern lifestyles is on becoming smart and having the fewest things to worry about. Additionally, it explains why more people are now drawn to purchasing automatic home appliances. Life is made simpler and more convenient by automation.

We only want to make our lives convenient, as evidenced by smartphones and key chains that open car doors. The window fashion industry is one of many that is updating its technology to provide contemporary accessories as the demand for smarter, safer, and more accessible devices increases.

An automatic window treatment is an automatic shade or a blind that is controlled by a remote and powered by an electric motor and a power socket or battery. These are also termed "motorized window treatments." These do away with the need for manual lifting.


Motorized Window Shades


Your blinds or shades have never been simpler to open and close!

This generally refers to a motorized extension or retraction function, but in some blinds, the rotation of the slats is also operated with motors. In addition to their contemporary designs, motorized window treatments are becoming more and more popular for the convenience they bring to daily life. There are many benefits to installing motorized shades in your home or place of business, but before purchasing a motorized window accessory, one should know about some of the features of these window coverings.

By the end of this blog, you should be certain if motorized window shades are exactly what you are looking for.

How are Motorized Shades controlled?

Motorized shades or blinds run on motors and can be operated in two ways.

They can be controlled using a remote control.

They can be controlled using voice commands.

The latter option sounds interesting, but it is not available with all motorized shades. Some of the better companies have this option.

Generally, the shades can be programmed and virtually connected to the voice assistant of your phones, such as Alexa or Google Siri. This enables you to control your shades using simple voice commands.


Motorized Window Shades


How are Motorized Shades powered?

The motors that run your automatic shades may be powered by

A power socket near the window

Batteries need to be charged once in a while

Solar cells consume energy from the sun whenever needed

The first option is fairly straightforward. Whereas batteries need to be charged every once in a while. What you want to know before purchasing a battery-powered lamp is how frequently these batteries must be charged. If you are getting Beasen’s sunglasses, they only need to be charged once every six months and can be charged by a power bank.

On the other hand, if you are getting shades with solar cells, you do not need to worry about charging the shadows at all. Though they cost a bit more than regular automatic shades.

How to install or clean Motorized Shades?

You might need to call some professionals to install and clean these shades, but if you are getting them from a good company, you will not have to pay extra to get these basic things done. For example, Beasen's shades come with a guide that has all the instructions for installing and cleaning them. This makes their shades self-installable and easily cleanable.


Motorized Window Shades


What are the benefits of Motorized Shades?

In addition to all these things mentioned above, there are a dozen more things that can only be experienced if you have these shades.

They make your lifestyle more convenient in several ways, such as

They can save you money on your bill.

They can secure your privacy.

They can enhance the security of your home when you are away.

How can motorized shades save money on your electricity bill? It is because these shades are made of insulating fabric that they can be adjusted during peak heating or cooling hours. This way, they regulate the temperature of the home and may save you some bucks on the electricity bill as you have to use your air conditioner a lot less.

These shades might enhance your privacy and make your life a lot more fun because you can schedule them to automatically open or close. They make you wake up to the sunlight and let you ease into your private nights.

If you are getting your automatic shades from a good brand like Beasen, you will be able to control your windows while you are traveling. This can also give the illusion that someone is at home when there is no one there.

Can Motorized shades be cut to window size?

Yes. Most of the brands producing automatic shades will customize your order as per the size of your window. This is also an excellent way to get a product made that exactly suits your window and elevates your house's aesthetics.

Are Motorized Shades expensive?

Well, the answer to this question should be very personal. What we can talk about is whether these shades are worth it. They definitely are. While some of the shades are expensive, some brands give you some of the best motorized shades for much lower prices.

Beasen, for example. Beasen not only guarantees their prices against everyone else in the market, but they also promise that they will match and add 5% off to the product you find more economical than theirs. With this and all the features mentioned above, Beasen also offers a limited lifetime warranty and free shipping worldwide. So if you get a motorized shade from Beasen, you will get a good deal as you will save money as

The cut in your electricity bill due to the lesser usage of your air conditioner

There is no shipping cost.

They are already the most economical brand on the market.

You will not have to pay extra to get the shade installed by a professional.

There will be nothing that you have to pay for maintenance (i.e., cleaning) of their shades.

For more information about their products, you should check out their website.

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