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Our Story

Revolutionizing Smart Blinds Since 2010

We founded Beasen Home in 2010 in an effort to develop the best, most convenient smart blinds possible. Over a decade of experience has allowed to slowly refine our products over time and create the powerful, elegant smart blinds you see today. We eliminated cords and wires to eliminate tripping and any danger of children or pets getting entangled. Next, we simplified the control functions, allowing you control up to 15 blinds with one remote. Last but certainly not least, we developed motors that can connect to your favorite smart hub devices for Voice Control, App Control, Automation, and more.

Though we've seen success over the last years, our mission has just begun. We look forward to continuing to redefine smart blinds in the years to come.

Our Mission

We strive to transform the way people experience and interact with their living spaces. Beasen Home strives to provide innovative and intuitive smart blinds that seamlessly integrate into any lifestyle, empowering our customers to enhance their home’s level of comfort and style.

Our Values

  • Continuous Innovation

    We are relentlessly innovative in our pursuit of delivering the perfect smart blinds options for any person, lifestyle, and any home.

  • Eco Friendly

    Our smart blinds not only help the environment through reduced energy consumption and solar power options. They're also made with certified safe materials.

  • Design Excellence

    We've learned a thing or two about designing smart blinds since we first began in 2010. Those years of experience have caused us to consistently raise the standard of functional and stylish smart blinds.

  • User Empowerment

    We strive to provide our customers with the tools to enhance not only their home, but their daily life. Above all else, we aim to create a comfortable and convenient for each and every one of our customers.

Delivering Comfort Every Day

Our Philosophy

The Beasen Home Way

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that technology should enhance and simplify human experiences. We feel strongly that smart blinds should seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle without disruption. Our design principles are guided by elegance and functionality, as we strive to create products that not only elevate the aesthetics of your home, but also empower you with intuitive controls. We are driven by a commitment of continuous improvement and customer-centricity, we are not just a smart blinds company, but a beacon of innovation, quality, and thoughtful design. Join us in embracing a future where technology and comfort exist in perfect balance.

Our Vision

A Comfortable Future

At Beasen Home, we envision a world where the balance between comfort and functionality is seamlessly bridged by cutting-edge technology. We are determined to revolutionize the way you interact with your living spaces, by empowering you to effortlessly integrate smart blinds that adapt to your lifestyle. With a commitment to innovation, design, and unparalleled convenience, we are dedicated to shaping a brighter, more comfortable tomorrow for all our customers.