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Elevate Your Home

Open, close, and adjust your smart blinds remotely with your Google Assistant devices.

  • Precise Light Control

    Tell Google Assistant whether you want your blinds 0% closed (fully open), 50% closed (half-open), or 100% closed (fully closed), for more precise light control.

  • Voice Control

    Easily control your smart blinds with your voice commands through your compatible Google device.

  • Routines

    Create time-saving routines to automate your blinds to open, close, or adjust at a specific time of day, every day.


  • Seamless Integration

    Integrate your smart blinds into your existing smart home ecosystem. Easily connect to your google assistant-enabled devices, including Nets Hub, Nest Hub Max, Nest Audio, Nest Mini, and more!

  • Custom Commands

    Add a bit of personality to your commands. Create custom commands through your Google Assistant device to open, close, or adjust your smart blinds.

Things to Know

Which motor should I select to use with my Google Assistant Device?

You should select the Zigbee motor

Do I need a bridge or gateway to connect my Google Assistant device to the blinds?

Yes,you need a bridge or gateway that acts as an intermediary to connect your blinds to your Google Assistant.We also have corresponding hub available on our website for connection.

How do I program my blinds to my Google Assistant device?

Use the Beasen smart link to set up, manage, and control your shades with Google Home.

Can I use voice control with my smart blinds?

Yes, if you use your Google Assistant device, you can use voice commands to control your blinds.