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Beasen Blinds - The Best Smart Window Shades Option

Beasen Blinds - The Best Smart Window Shades Option

Nancy Hu |


  1. Compatibility and Control
  2. Custom Made
  3. Battery Powered
  4. Energy Efficient
  5. Remote Control
  6. Perfect Lighting Solution

With technology evolving quicker than ever before, it is very important to transform your houses to the modern ease of more recent house treatment options. Smart Motorized blinds are one of them; with easy use, quick installation, and energy-efficient technology; Beasen smart window shades are the best option for you.

Smart window shades can extend, retract, and tilt automatically. While this gives an instantly impressive impression and is often considered merely luxurious, it is also plain useful. Moreover, these will not only make your life considerably easier but will boost your home security as well as cut the cost of unnecessary power consumption. Beasen smart motorized shades are our top pick since they work flawlessly and quicker than most of the competing window treatment blinds. Beasen blinds are also quick and fairly compatible with most smart home platforms.

With all of these features, they also look amazing. These can be the perfect fit for you if you are bored with your regular boring curtains. These aren't just called smart, Beasen blinds are smart because they can easily adapt to the position of the sun throughout the day ensuring that you get a sufficient and right amount of sunlight in your rooms without even having to adjust your window shades.

Beasen blinds provide users with countless amazing features and qualities. Let us introduce you to Beasen; Astaple for affordable, efficient, and smart window shades.


Smart Window Shades


Compatibility and Control

One of the best features of Beasen blinds is that they are easily compatible with most smart home platforms. These are highly responsive, peacefully quiet, and made of excellent quality materials. These custom-made shades can be controlled with a smart automation system and toolkits like Schedules.These are also widely compatible with smart home platforms like

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Home
  • Apple HomeKit
  • Samsung SmartThings

Not only this best these smart shades are easy to install, can be set up quickly, and battery powered. Beasen is simply the best option for you if you want good-quality window coverings that are easy to use, quick, and manageable.

Let's talk in-depth about some of these features and how they can make your life easier

Custom Made

Another feature that sets Beasen blinds apart from all of its competitors and those in the market is that these can be easily customized to fit your window size. This is a great feature since window size often becomes problematic when buying shades. Thankfully Beasen's website has a comprehensive step by guide on their website to help you custom design your smart shades. You can select the length, width, and perfect size of your window shades all while sitting on your couch. Beasen puts the comfort and ease of its customers before anything else and this is the reason why its team makes sure that you get what you want.


Smart Window Shades


Battery Powered

Beasen blinds come with an integrated battery setup which makes these blinds extremely easy to use and maintain. These blinds can run for a long time without needing any recharging. The maximum time you can go without recharging the batteries is about six months. When you need to charge the shades, all you will have to do is find a socket near your window and plug-in charging. You will only need six hours to fully charge the batteries. USB C rechargeable batteries can make it tremendously easier for you to manage these smart blinds

Energy Efficient

If you care about the environment like we do and want to save up some energy, then Beasen blinds can come in handy. You can save up a lot of electricity that might be used on recharging the batteries if you use solar powering panels to charge these smart blinds. The blinds can be powered by the sun throughout the day without needing any electricity to run. This feature makes your bling energy efficient as well as cost-effective since it will save up the amount that you will be paying on power consumption and electricity bills.


Smart Window Shades


Remote Control

In addition to smart home platforms like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, these smart blinds can also be controlled using a remote. This gives you a lot more control over the settings of your blind. Now you can easily relax on your couch and regulate your window shades without ever having to get up. This just sounds too good to be true.

The remote control can access and regulate approximately fourteen window shades both at the same time and separately. This feature can make things quicker and it gives you neat control over every single window shade in your house. It is also an amazing feature for office settings since it can give you ultimate control over the window automation and regulation system.

Perfect Lighting Solution

Smart window shades are also your best option when comes to smart and optimum lighting in your house. The way your house is lit makes a huge difference in the overall aesthetic and energy of your house. You might want the lights to be dim and cozy when you want to relax and sometimes you just want that dose of vitamin D to refresh your mornings. This is the reason why Beasen provides its users with a smart automation system. This means that you can regulate your window shades to open and close at specific times. This feature will work just like your alarm. It will feed all the instructions in its smart memory regulating your windows exactly how you automate them to work.

Beasen is the best home treatment option for you not only because their blinds and smart and motorized but because they have the most reliable and best quality smart blinds that you can find the affordable pricesin the market.They swear by excellent customer service and optimizing their design for the experience of their buyers.

If you are also someone looking for smart window shades to alleviate your house interior, then you can check out their website and have a look at all the amazing products that you have in store.

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