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Pros and Cons of Motorized Roller Shades

Pros and Cons of Motorized Roller Shades

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  1. Advantages of Installing Beasen Motorized Roller Shades in Your House
  2. Beasen BlindsCan be Automated
  3. Reduces Strangulation Hazard
  4. Perfect for Hard To Reach Windows
  5. Improves Privacy
  6. Beasen is Your Perfect Lighting Option
  7. Disadvantages of Installing Beasen Motorized Roller Shades in Your House
  8. You will Have to Recharge the Batteries
  9. You Cannot Wash These Blinds

Thinking about installing roller shades in your house but can't decide whether it’s a good decision or not? Here is a detailed pros and cons list of motorized shades to make it easier for you.

Motorized shades are becoming extremely popular in the home treatment industry. However, some people are hesitant to install these in their houses because they assume roller shades to be way too complicated for a window treatment option. If you are also one of them, then we have curated this list of some pros and cons of Beasen Motorized shades that will help you make up your mind and choose the right thing for your house

Whether you are looking for something to enhance privacy or ensure safety, Beasen blinds are a perfect choice for you to make your house look sleek and add a modern touch to your interior. These automated shades are alone enough to impress your guests and make them stop in their tracks. Let’s have a look at this list of pros and cons of automated roller shades and how they might or might not make your life easier with their advanced and cutting-edgeautomated technology.

Roller Shades

Advantages of Installing Beasen Motorized Roller Shades in Your House

Let’s first talk about the pros. Motorized shades are popular in home treatment options because they are extremely beneficial and easy to use. There are countless reasons why it can be extremely advantageous for you. Out of those, here are some major reasons why you should get motorized shades if you have been thinking about it for a while now.

1.Beasen BlindsCan be Automated

This is the biggest advantage of installing motorized shades in your house. They provide you with maximum control and can be efficiently automated. You can schedule these smart blinds to open and close as per your convenience. This feature is great for you if you are looking for something that is going to make your house more secure. You can close the blinds with a single swipe of your fingers even when you are notat home or traveling.

If you are a person who likes to enjoy sunrise but can never wake up on time then the automated feature of these blinds can help you out. You can regulate them to open at sunrise and close when the sun sets. This feature is amazing for you if you want to improve your daily routine.

2.Reduces Strangulation Hazard

Another big pro of having these in your house is that they reduce strangulation hazards and take up no floor space. If you have children, you can relate to the worry of kids playing with the curtains and cords. The good news is that these smart motorized roller shades don’t have any loose strings or heaps of fabric. You can easily roll these shades up and put them away. These blinds are very children Friendly as they don’t reach the floor and can be voice regulated


Roller Shades


3.Perfect for Hard To Reach Windows

There is no need to move furniture and jump on ladders to reach those high windows now. WithBeasen blinds, you can regulate the roller shades with just a single click. The remote control makes it extremely easy for you to access window shades that are way too high for you to reach.

4.Improves Privacy

Privacy is everybody’s utmost priority. This is the reason why Beasen blinds do not compromise security and privacy. You can roll these down with a single click or a simple voice command and ensure that you are not bothered by the nosy onlookers. These blinds are completely peek-proof and keep your intruding neighbors away from your house. You can have nightlife without anyone disturbing your peace.

5.Beasen is Your Perfect Lighting Option

Lighting is very important to make your house look well-organized and spacious. Sunlight can make your rooms look neater and bigger. However, sometimes you need to get out of the sunlight to reduce the glare from your computer and laptop screen. This is when Beasen blinds come into the picture. From their 60, 80percent blackout blinds to zebra shades and light-filtering roller blinds; they have pretty much everything that you might be looking for in your advanced home treatment option.


Roller Shades


Disadvantages of Installing Beasen Motorized Roller Shades in Your House

Well, there are not many cons to installing motorized roller shades in your house. However, there are some things about these smart rollers that some people don’t find favorable.

1.You will Have to Recharge the Batteries

Beasen Motorized roller shades are very affordable yet reliable. These come with an integrated battery that is USB-C rechargeable. You can easily connect the battery with any electrical socket near your window and you are all good to go. You will also only need to charge the battery every six months for only six hours. However, if you do not have an electrical socket near your windows, you can always install some solar panels to say goodbye to the task of recharging the batteries. The roller shades will take power from solar energy aka the sun during the day and recharge themselves.

2.You Cannot Wash These Blinds

While some may say that it is actually a good thing, others might disagree. You cannot just take these blinds off and shove them inside a washing machine. But you will not even need to do it since these are made of lighter fabric that collects less dust and debris. However, even if you somehow get a stain on them you can spot-clean those without having to go through the trouble of washing the whole blind.

Beasen is the ultimate home treatment option for anyone who is looking for an advanced and sleek choice for their windows. Beasen has a wide variety of window treatment options in all colors and sizes. You can visit their website and have a look at all the amazing products that they have on their website.

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