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Transform Your Smart Home with Automatic Shades: Sleek, Stylish, and Energy-Efficient

Automatic Shades

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  1. Automatic Handling
  2. Voice Controlled
  3. SchedulingAutomation
  4. Futuristic Looks
  5. Energy efficient
  6. Rechargeable Batteries
  7. Installation and Maintenance

A modern home is equipped with everything automatic in functionality and modern in aesthetics. Indeed, smart home technology is all about automation and minimalism: minimal and modern-looking furniture, floors, and architecture, as well as the automatic handling of all of these things.

If you look at the world around us, things have started to automate, whether it's the microwave oven that understands your language, the fire alarms that spot a danger, or your car that starts just by clicking a button. The luxury of operating things without having to do anything manually is referred to as smart homing.

Anyone who is planning on home improvement, renovation, or smart homing improvements should definitely consider the Beasen automatic shades as an option to not only make their windows more beautiful but also to make using them a bit more fun.

Automatic shades are one of the most visible features of a smart home. Automatic shades, as the name suggests, are automatic, but they also have numerous other benefits. They are a luxury for any smart home. They are available in a variety of colorpalettes and motors. The Beasen window shades are among the best options on the market. These are a few features that come with the Beasen Shades.


automatic shades


Automatic Handling

The Beasen Shades are motorized, so they can be adjusted using a remote. In addition to being remote-controlled, they are cordless, which makes them appear more modern. A single remote can simultaneously control 15 of these blinds. Motors smooth out their motion. So, now lowering or raising your shades is just one press away. They are best suited for building an elegant and smart interior for a modern home. The remote can be set up easily by following the guide that comes with these shades.

Voice Controlled

The shades from the Beasen can be easily controlled with your voice. For setting up voice control, you simply go through a simple and easy process in which you connect a voice assistant like Alexa or Google Sirioyour device with these shades. This allows you to use short commands to adjust these shades. This is cutting-edge technology for smart homes.


automatic shades



If you live in a smart home, you get recharged by the brightness of the morning sun each day, not by the ring of an alarm. Thanks to these Beasen shades, you can now automate the rising and falling times of your windows. Scheduling your shades to fall and rise can be easily managed by following the instructions in the manual that comes with the shades. In addition to making your lifestyle a bit more convenient, this also gives you added security, especially when you are away because it can give the illusion that someone is home.


automatic shades


Futuristic Looks

The Beasen automatic blinds are specifically made for smart homes. Not only that but each of their designs is made to look modern and futuristic. These designs are highly suited for contemporary home furnishings. There is no cord hanging to obstruct your view because they are either controlled by remote or by voice.
The Beasen shades come in a wide variety of colors. These colorshave been chosen to contrast well with the trendy ambiance. Apart from that, these come in a variety of appealing finishes. These shades add elegance to the interior of any modern home. Since they have a big range of shades, a buyer has so many options.
An important thing is that the Beasen also allow you to get your shades made as per your window size, in addition to which they also guarantee that their shades will fit perfectly. As a result, you can tailor the size of your shades to your preferences.

Energy efficient

One of the most overlooked things about these automatic shades is that they are energy efficient. There is no better way to control the lighting inside your home than an automated shade system.Nowadays, most people are opting for a smart thermostat and air conditioner to keep their homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter months.However, there are also some homeowners who have opted for automatic shades on their roofs and skylights tosave money and time.

Your blinds can be programmed to close lower if you don't want the sun to heat your home, or to raise higher if you want more light in. This enables you to use your air conditioning system a bit less and saves you some bucks on your energy bill.


automatic shades


Rechargeable Batteries

The Beasen Shades come with rechargeable batteries that only need a charge for 12 hours a year. These batteries can run for six months on a single recharge of six hours. The batteries can be charged by plugging them into a wall socket with a USB port, or by using a power bank if there is no power outlet near the window.
They also come with the option of solar charging, which means that you no longer have to charge these batteries at all. Whenever needed, the solar panels will consume energy from the daylight to charge the batteries.

Installation and Maintenance

These shades can be self-installed using the user manual that comes with them. Apart from that, you do not need to call a professional and pay extra money to clean these shades. You can do it yourself by following an easy process. With reasonable prices, a lot of money can also be saved, as you no longer need to pay extra for installation and cleaning. Apart from that, they also offer free shipping worldwide and a lifetime warranty.

Though they are just as good as any other brand, Beasen offersitssunglasses at a very reasonable price, which is what makes them a unique brand. For a person who is absolutely new to smart home technology or home improvement, Beasen becomes the go-to option with all these features. For more details, you can visit their website.

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