Buy Dual Zebra Blinds: For Your House and Office Rooms

Buy Dual Zebra Blinds: For Your House and Office Rooms


  1. Beasen Dual Zebra Blinds for your Offices
  2. Beasen Dual Zebra Blinds for your House

Roller shades are now among some of the most sought-after and cutting-edge house-treating options. This is because these offer you a modern style with smart features. However, the Beasen Roller blinds have one additional quality: they come in a zebra pattern to help you achieve your ideal room lighting solution. Moreover, these smart zebra blinds are also a perfect fit for your rooms as well as offices. In this blog, we will tell you how zebra blinds can be your ultimate best window treatment solution.

Be it your house windows, media rooms, or offices; Beasen Zebra blinds can easily fit all your needs and help you achieve the best lighting in your rooms. You don't need to use these blinds only for your house windows, these can be extremely functional and useful for your offices as well.

Let us tell you how Beasen blinds can impact both your office productivity and home aesthetic.


Zebra Blinds


Beasen Dual Zebra Blinds for your Offices

Zebra blinds are specifically designed to help you achieve a sweet spot between total blackout and complete brightness. This is the reason why it is an ideal choice for your offices. From televisions and computers to laptops and projectors; offices usually have a lot of screens. Zebra blinds can smartly filter out unwanted sunlight from your office and reduce the glare on your computer screens. This can help you a lot in focusing on your task and thus increasing productivity. Sunlight is indeed great for focus and concentration but it is definitely not an ideal thing when you are working on electronic devices. Squinting your eyes at the computer screen is only going to give you a headache. It’s high time that you install these smart and elegant zebra blinds in your office rooms.


Zebra Blinds


Other than their ability to filter out harsh light without total blackout, they are also extremely convenient to use and give you maximum control. You can access all of the blinds in your office with a single remote control. You can even automate these blinds open at lunchtime to let the sunshine energize the surrounding during your free hours. Change of scenery is very important to give your mind some rest after you peel your eyes away from the laptop screen. The automation function of these smart blinds can help you achieve this without having to manually open and close the windows.

Beasen understands that it is not easy to clean and manage blinds, especially in office settings. This is the reason why they have come up with materials that collect less dust. In addition to this, they are extremely easy to clean. Just vacuuming them every once in a while, willdo the job. You can also spot-clean these if you get any stains on them. They are also USB-C rechargeable and come with an integrated battery that you will have to charge only every six months. Simply put, these are ideally the best window treatment option for your offices.


Zebra Blinds


Beasen Dual Zebra Blinds for your House

Despite them being a perfect fit for your offices, this is not the only use of these smart zebra blinds. They are also amazing for your house windows primarily due to their customizable options. You can easily select the size of your windows and the width that you want when you are ordering it to perfectly fit your window size. These are also great for your balconies to give you the most privacy.

However, the best feature of the zebra blinds is their ability to create a peaceful environment for you to relax and put your mind at ease. And this is exactly what you desire once you get home after work. Zebra blinds don’t create a total blackout and their alternating light filtering and light-blocking panels create semi-dark lighting that automatically lets your brain relax.

Another amazing thing about the Beasen blinds is their sleek and stylish look. These can give your house a very minimal yet stunning look. Due to the fact that they have less fabric and take up way less floor space, they can make your rooms look tidier and more spacious. Streamlining your room, it can make your house look well-organized and nicely furnished.


Zebra Blinds


If all of this is not impressive enough, the smart technology and voice-activated commands are enough to make an impression on all of your guests. Apart from making a great impression, they also give you an easy way to control the blinds when you don’t have your hands free. They come in three different color choices according to your taste and house aesthetic. You can also choose the fabric and get the best lighting that you want in your house

Privacy is another thing that Beasen doesn’t compromise on. The zebra blinds can give you enough privacy without blocking all the sunlight from your room. It is going to make your house pretty peek-proof while letting some of the light filter in through the panels. The alternating grey and white stripes block outside views and keep the nosy intruders from getting too invested in your business.

All these amazing features prove that the Beasen blinds are a perfect fit for your house as well as your office. From privacy and comfort to glare reduction and easy control, these provide you with all the necessary qualities to help you achieve the best lighting and looks.

If all written is still not enough to convince you, you can visit their website and check out their amazing products. Their blackout blinds, zebra blinds, and roller shades are amazing for all uses and give your room a sleek finish. Beasen can be your ultimate stop to all the best home treatment options.

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