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Frequently Asked Questions

Vinyl Blackout and Meridian Blackout Shades are made of waterproof material and give the privacy protection. You never need to worry somebody will see througn it.

Most windows are not without some type of trim around the glass.once it starts to unroll, it will become smaller, depending on the height of the window.. It could be 1/4 inch when the shade is already down. Typically, and in my case, it was not a problem and it does a great job of cutting out any unwanted outside light from coming in the room.

It is about 1 inch from fabric to window.It is okay to install the blinds above trim. I suggest outside installation.

You can buy Alex motor directly,as you have to buy a hub if you choose zigbee motor.

You just need to set a rountine for the blind in the alexa app. It will work.

Please refer to the manual to fix it. If you don't know how to figure it out, please send an email to us.

If your hub can support zigbee 3.0 protocol, it should can connect to our zigbee motor.

No, the google home can't work with voice command.Not without a hub

Zigbee can't connect with device and APP directly, need a hub, like BOND works as bridge.Alex motor can be controlled via Alexa and does not require a hub. But there are only specific echo devices that will work with it, so be sure to check that you have the appropriate device. Devices are listed in the description. with Echo Show(2.gen), Echo Plus(2.gen), Echo Studio, Echo Show 10 (3.gen), Echo (4.gen) directly. For other Alexa devices, you need to buy a hub like BOND to help your blinds connected to Alexa.

Alex Smart motor can only pair with Echo Show(2.gen), Echo Plus(2.gen), Echo Studio, Echo Show 10 (3.gen), Echo (4.gen) directly. For other Alexa devices,you have to choose Zigbee Motor,Zigbee Motor can't connect with device and APP directly, need a hub, like BOND works as bridge to help your blinds connected to Alexa.

If your house is not very big, one floor to put one hub is enough.

For echo spot,Zigbee motor can't connect with device and APP directly, need a hub, like BOND works as bridge. 

Yes, It can be controlled by TUYA. 

You only need to buy one hub and make sure you need a  remote with  the  blinds then after you set  all 8 blinds with the   remote set up  in  hub   then  put on a timer it  probable work

Yes, zebra strip can be adjusted.The auto stop both up and down is programmable with the remote. 

Sorry, not capable with z wave/vivent hub

Hub has to copy the remote set. After the copy, you can just use app to control your shade. Yes, you can. Each channel of your remote can control one shade

Sorry,can not controlled by vivint home automation system

Yes,smart hub connect via WIFI

No, they are not. It is the WiFi controlled, which has its own app that can be compatible with Alexa/Google Assistant.

Yes, this can work if you only have 5g wifi, and it can work with a remote alone.

Use the left/ right arrows on the remote to select a channel number.  On a blind push the little button next to the charging port for 1 second, the blind will jog up/down.  Press the up arrow on the remote for 1 second.  The blind should now respond to the remote.  Repeat for others using separate channel numbers as desired.

No, we have zigbee and rf motor but can't connect to z wave.

P440 smart battery motor can be connected to Smart things and 5 versions of the Alexa: Echo Plus 2nd Gen, Echo Show 2nd Gen, Echo Studio, Echo Show 10, Echo 4th Gen. Other devices need a hub.P412 Battery motor needs a hub to connect all devices of Alexa.Please feel free to send an email to to get a direct reply from the Yoolax Customer Service Team

Halfway down may can't adjust the light filtering. 90% and 95%'s color is different.

The motor is 433Mhz.

Hello, we have hardwired plug in motor which is compatible with ifttt. Here is link:

We are not very sure, but the shades can work with the hub we provided.

Means it’s not fully charged and is in the process of charging. it will turn green when fully charged

No, one solar panel can only charge one blind.

The solar panel I received with my motorized shade is 14 1/2" x 3 1/8".  The end that the USB cable plugs into sticks out about 1/2".

Yes.  As long as you can access the USB port on the shade.  If you opt for having the charger on the left, this may not be possible. Charge it every few months without removing it from the wall.yes , has a 5ft charging cord , could use an exstension cord on that

The plug in port my positioned in the up, down, inside or outside position to meet your needs.

The light changes color. It usually takes 4-6 hours till it is fully charged

I’ve had mine for months and haven’t had to charge the battery.

You could leave it plugged in but would not look very nice. I only plug mine in when it needs charging which is going on 4 months and have not had to charge them yet ,played with them a lot but do not raise and lower every day. hope this helps they are so cool.

I don’t think so, the battery is inside the mechanism and no way to open. You’ll have to replace the shade.

There is a black color circular plastic thing at  motor area, on the charger side,  There is a small hole on that where the reset is located.

The type of battery is LR03 ALKALINE BATTERY.

Please send a message to us. If the remote is broken, we can send one new remote to you.Please feel free to send an email to to get a direct reply from the Beasen Customer Service Team.

Your remote seems locked. Please press the STOP button and Channel + button for 3 s to unlock it. 

You need a remote every time to open and close the blind. But one remote can work on many blinds.

You can reset the motor and reconnect it to remote then set the new limit you need. 

You just need to press button ONCE to start, then, blind will automatically raise or lower to your set position.  And of course , can stop raise or lower anywhere you want during the period.

Yes, the hub will learn the open/stop/close skills from the remote, and then connect the hub to the alexa.

Yes, you can use the group control channel 0 to control all blinds in the remote.

It's closer to 1/2 inch for shade and 1/4 inch for the actual hardware.You'd better buy light blocker together when you place the order

You can be safe and go with 60".  You can program the shade to stop going down at a specific point so it doesn't sag.  Then when you press the down button on the remote, it will always stop at your pre-programmed distance.

Hi, bottom rod is about 0.2" wider the fabric width totally.

You can measure the whole width then split it to order the blinds.Please feel free to send an email to to get a direct reply from the Yoolax Customer Service Team.

For bay window, you can order a large outside mounting bind for it.Please feel free to send an email to to get a direct reply from the Beasen Customer Service Team.

Maybe not,if you're going to install on glass doors, you must make sure that you can punch itYou can take photos to our amazon email and let us know your specific installation location.We can help you determine if you need to increase the width

Absolutely yes,wider width shade means heavier weight,so additional center bracket will secure the shade from falling.Additonal bracket is recommaned when width is more than ... inches,we will put additional brackets in the package.

If your window frame has more than 3" depth, the inside mounting blinds won't stick out. You can install a curtain on the outside of the window.

About 0.5''~0.6''. If you are worried that it will get caught, we can set reverse roll to make the distance between the fabric and window bigger.It will depend on the diameter of the shade when it is rolled up. Assuming the rolled up  shade doesn't extend past the edge of the bracket, you can use the edge of the bracket to determine the clearance of the shade.

We will provide the special brackets for you.  You can install on the wall and the blinds will not hit the trim.

Yes,think you can. some other customer are using the same way.

Hi, yes, we can offer you extending brackets to help. But the blinds width need to less than 60 '' .If you need, please contact us via message.

The shade is heavy.  You can mount it outside mount, but make sure there is a stud in the wall.  It does work best as inside mount.  You would just have some of it as compared to all of it sticking out.

The Fabric Gap between two blinds install is approx 1.1''.The gap between two fabric will be 2.8 cm if you install them side by side.

It's very easy to be installed.Firstly ,make sure you ordered with correct measurement.Then you need to make sure you line up the brackets. Otherwise your panel will not be in line or not straight.No Minimal skills required. Mount one bracket on the left, one on the right and hang the blind. For more details about how to install,pls click  

No, if you don't install the bracket at two sides, the blind is not stable.

Unfortunately no. The way the brackets are designed it's either the top of the inside of the window frame, or outside mounting on the wall. But the way they clip on to the shade, there's no way to mount them from the sides of the frame when doing an inside mount.

If the vinyl window frame can hold the blind, you can process it as inside mounting.vinyl windows is that they are not strong enough to withstand the weight of blinds. It is because of this reason that it is not advisable to screw the brackets directly onto the vinyl channel which holds the window together. For this reason, the brackets need to be fixed at the top or on the sides of the inside opening or outside. Never drill through the actual frame of the window but only drill through jamb extensions. If you plan to install them inside the opening you must ensure that the blinds’ bottom does not bang into the vinyl finger-hold located at the bottom.

No, 2" is not enough for inside mounting. Minimum depth of window frame for inside mounting is 2.4".You can choose the outside mounting.

You can push the headrail towards the wall then you can take it down from the spring bracket.

You could choose outside mounted not directly install it to window frame unless your fram is plain without trims.Or you have to install it on the wall top of your window frame. It would stick out about 3" 

If you window frame is plain, you can install them on it.

For inside mounting blinds, Minimum depth of window frame for inside mounting is 2.4".So it is not workable.

Double tape is great for certain things but depending upon the weight, certain items will forego to gravity. I would feel better if this item was firmly secured to the metal frame with metal screws. There’s also the possibility of mounting the shade above or to the sides of the metal frame. Good luck with your choice.

Yes,it can be mounted to the ceiling.

Yes, you can find the video of installation when you click  

The blinds come with mounting brackets. I used inside mount as they are inside the window frame. No matter what your mounting preference is as long as you have a solid surface that you can screw into the blinds should work.

For inside mounting, it needs 3 inches.  For the french door, please send a message to us.

You need to request the entension brackets if you want. 

Yes, you'd better have 2.4g wifi to work with it.

The charge wire is 2m itself and you also can choose the extension cord at the same time. 

Yes.  There is an app you can download to your phone and it has a timer function.  They can be paired with Alexa .it also so you could probably set a timer through that also.They work with Alexa or Google Homkit also ,so you can tell Alexa when you want them to open or close. 

You can buy the broadlink and BOND .They have great customer service just ask them

Yes, you can chat online at our website,call customer service at 1-800-608-8117 or email to,you will get soonest respond

No, but it has weighted bottom rod.

Depends on the size, ie 6' wide and 5' tall and is less than 10lbs.

10 business days producing and 5 work days shipping

We have perfect-fit gurantee,pls see the details of it :

There is a limited lifetime warranty,you can find it at

Usually, it will take 2weeks, including 3~7 workdays for production and 5~7 workdays for shipping.  

send email to or leave a order complaint at

The come from China so be prepared to pay a hefty shipping fee.

I had a problem with one of my blinds opening/closing without the remote. Possibly from another frequency in the house. I contacted the seller and was able to exchange the shade for a replacement.

You can use a cleaning cloth to clean the blinds.It’s dust free and water free material. Easy to clean.

Changes, Cancellations and Refunds


At Beasen,we are working hard to ensure you’re always 100% completely satisfied with your purchase.Please keep in mind that because all of our blinds and shades are custom made.Therefore it is important that you are sure of your decisions before you finalize your purchase.We are happy to change or cancel order as long as you contact us within 24 hours from the date and time the order was submitted to us.


We cannot offer a refund or exchange (remake) unless a product is defective.If there is a defect in material or workmanship, something doesn’t work properly, or your product was made in the wrong size and doesn’t fit due to an error made at our production facility,Please contact with our Customer Service Department at or 1-800-608-8117 to process any changes or cancellations.


We also supply Perfect-Fit-Gurantee where customers have made an error in measuring their windows. Please see our Perfect-Fit-Gurantee for more details.

· Since production typically starts the morning after the order is placed, cancellations and changes can only be made for a period of 24 calendar hours after your online order is finalized.

· Address changes are not permitted once the manufacturer has shipped your product.

· If you cancel your order during this 24 calendar hour period, we will refund your money.

· Under no circumstance can we either refund any money or issue any credits for a credit card purchase if the cancellation or change occurs at any time beyond this 24 calendar hour period.

· On extremely rare occasions there may be delays caused by out-of-stock materials, shipping delays, temporary factory overload, holidays, or other factors beyond our control. In the event of a known delay and a manufacturer notifies us, you will be contacted that day.

· We reserve the right to reject any order, at our discretion.

Inspection of Merchandise

IMPORTANT: If your merchandise has been damaged in shipment, was made incorrectly, or has any manufacturer defects, notify us within 14 calendar days after delivery to your home and we'll have the damaged merchandise either repaired or replaced at no cost to you. If you do not notify us within this 14-day period, we won't be able to do so. All damaged shipments must be signed for as damaged.

"We offer WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING on all orders.Excludes Alaska and Hawaii. Please note, we cannot ship to PO boxes, FPO or APO addresses.No minimum order required.All orders will be shipped standard ground.


All blinds over 94 in width will incur a freight charge of $95.

All verticals blinds over 94"" in width OR height will incur a freight charge of $95.

Multi shipments

Depending on your order, you may receive multiple shipments. We will send you tracking information when it becomes available.

Shipping Carriers

 Most of our products are automatically ground shipped via UPS, FedEX, or DHL unless the product is considered oversized by the manufacturer. Oversized products are delivered by a common freight carrier and may take slightly longer to arrive. At this time, freight carriers can only provide curbside delivery. Customers may be responsible for additional charges regarding special delivery requests like in-home delivery, remote area delivery, etc.

Other Notes on Shipping

For the fastest service possible, we ship most products directly from the manufacturing facility located closest to you.

Address changes are not permitted once the manufacturer has shipped your product.


Perfect-Fit-Gurantee is a exclusive to give you peace of mind about measuring your blinds.

Read all about Perfect-Fit-Gurantee policy and what is covered here.

Best Price Guarantee

At Beasen,wetake our price seriously,that's why we offer our Best-Price-Guarantee.Some retailers only guarantee their own sale price,but we guarantee your price against everyone's sale prices!If you find the sam blind or shade from another retailer for a lower price,we will not only match it but will take an additonal 15% off.

Read all about Best Price Gurantee policy and what is covered here.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Your window treatments are more than an expression of your personal style—they’re an investment in your home. When you choose Beasen blinds & shades, our goal is to give you the best experience, from the moment you pick out your swatches to the second you step back to admire your newly covered windows and beyond. 

Pls click to read more about lifetime limited warranty.


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