Best Price Guarantee

At Beasen,we take our price seriously,that’s why we offer our Best-Price-Guarantee. We always strive to have the lowest price available anywhere on the items we sell. Some retailers only guarantee their own sale prices, but we guarantee your price against everyone’s sale prices! Our policy is simple, if you find the same blind or shade from another retailer for a lower price, we will not only match it but will take an additional 5% off.

Requirements for a price match:

Price Guarantee only applies to the exact same blind or shade, with the exact same specifications (style,size and color)
Best Price Guarantee only applies for 14-days from the date of purchase
A retailer is defined as any online store, catalog, department store or home center which routinely carries and sells new window coverings
Beasenhome reserves the right to determine the legitimacy of a competitors’ price
Commercial orders are not included in the guarantee
Any price below’s actual cost will not be honored
close outs and refurbished products are not eligible
*Please Note: The final price includes all applicable duties, taxes and shipping costs. Price Match discounts cannot be combined with any other umbra promotions. A lower final price attained through use of a retailer coupon code or through a cash back affiliate do not qualify for price match.

Sales and price adjustment:

If you see something on sale at, don’t wait around to buy it! Sale prices are not permanent and can change frequently. If the purchase price of an item drops within 14 days of your purchase, just let us know and we will credit you the difference. Similarly, if you find a competitor price to be less than your purchase price within 7 days of your purchase, let us know and we can credit you the difference as well. In both cases the same item (style, size and color) must be in stock at the lesser price.If you've placed your order through a cash back affiliate, unfortunately we can't approve a price drop credit.

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