Experience the Comfort & Convenience,Make Your Home Active and Smart

The benefits of Beasen Smart Blinds & Shades aren’t the technology itself, but how that technology can make your life easier. Our goal is to help you create perfect comfort zone,providing amount of privacy and make your life more relaxed.


The Benefits Customers Receive

Remote Control

Increase Convenience

You can control up to 15 shades with a single remote,just simply push the button to control the shades in a large room or throughout your entire home quickly and easily without touching them.No more risk by climbing on furniture or ladders to adjust your shades and blinds,it is perfect for hard reach windows.
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Schedule Automation
Set it and forget it,Enhance Security
Set daily or weekly schedules to automate each room with your phone or tablet when you want to wake up and sleep peaceful and naturally, or savor beautiful sunset once your workdays are done.Look like you’re home by setting routines to raise or lower shades to adds security when you are traveling.
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Voice Commands
Make your home smarter
Using voice commands to control the opening and closing of your motorised blinds allows you to keep your hands free for doing something else at the same time.The motorised blinds can be connected to your SIRI,Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.They really are a trendy convenience and a great way to upgrade the décor of your home.
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Flexible Power Options
One charge for half a year
Never worry about batteries again,Beasen blinds Powered by rechargeable battery which last half a year after charging only 6 hours.USB charging is available to connect with your powerbank or wall socket.A rechargeable solar panel is optional in case there is no wall socket near your hard reach windows.By connecting the battery to a solar panel, the shade will draw power from the sun’s energy throughout the day.
How To Charge

Energy Efficiency
A Penny Saved is Two Pennies Earned
Schedule your motorized shades to close at midday keeps your home from overheating in summer,or open during the day invite natural sunlight to warm your room and turn off lamps and fixtures for energy savings. Don’t throw your money out the window! Install any of our energy efficient shades and enjoy a lower electricity bill now!
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Enhanced Privacy
Enjoy your peace of mind
We need a place where we feel safe and relax from the outside world to enjoy some privacy.But a place where other people can see in is not something that we typically want late at night.If you have windows in close proximity to a neighbor’s house,or worries that passersby can easily peer through your windows from the street.Simply push a button or set a schedule to lower your shades at any time .
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Cordless & Safety
Trendy Window Treatment, Safety Children and Pets
Automated blinds required no pull cord for operation,that means they are a safer alternative with no cords presenting tripping or entanglement risks for homes with small children or pets.This is also leaves the view from your window completely uninterrupted. Say good-bye to those pesky tangled cords hanging from the shades,and welcome safety and trendy motorized blinds and shades
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UV Protection
Keep your interior decor as new
Motorized blinds protect your furniture,arts,floors,upholstery fabrics from discoloration,fading and UV damage.A way of minimizing the risk of this happening is to create a time schedule for your shades to control how much light enters the room and when.Your window treatments can close and adapt automatically during the harshest part of sunny days and removing this responsibility from your shoulders and shading your home.
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Home Value Increase
Add a touch of Futuristic luxury
A home fitted with gorgeous smart blinds is seen as a huge bonus since smart homes have become a popular trend for many home improvement blinds are not only functional and convenient,they also add a touch of futuristic luxury to your home.Smart blinds will certainly make your home more admirable, thereby increasing the chance of a sale.
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