Buy Affordable Blinds: How Roller Shades Can Save Your Time, Efforts, and Money

Buy Affordable Blinds: How Roller Shades Can Save Your Time, Efforts, and Money


  1. Roller Shades Require Less Fabric
  2. Roller Blinds LowerCleaning Cost
  3. Roller Blinds Save Energy

Being cost-efficient is something that we all should practice in our lives. Be it our personal expenses or money spent on house treatments, it is very important to make your purchases efficiently and smartly. Roller custom blinds are not only great for added privacy and comfort; these blinds are also extremely affordable and easy to manage.

Blinds are important to ensure privacy in your house. However, fabric curtains can be a little hard to manage. In addition to this, they are pretty expensive and extravagant considering that they take rolls of fabric to sew only to take up far more floor space than necessary.

Name a single person who loves to take the curtains off the railing, wash them, and then put them back on. No one wants to go through this agonizing process and we all wish that there could be an easy and affordable option for us to replace these heavy fabric curtains.

Well, a good news for you: There is a cheaper and better window treatment option available. While it is not a recent invention, very few people know about this and even fewer people consider installing roller shades in their rooms. This can be because of two reasons:

a) they don’t know about the benefits of roller shades.

b) they assume that roller shades are more expensive than regular curtains.

In this blog, we will tell you why roller shades are better and more affordable blinds for your house and even offices.


Affordable Blinds


Roller Shades Require Less Fabric

One of the biggest reasons why roller shades cost a lot lesser than regular fabric curtains is because they have lower making costs. Regular curtains usually consist of two to three panels for a single wall. Moreover, curtains are made ceiling to floor length. So naturally, these require a lot of fabric to make. Whereas, the roller shades are the smarter option they require only one panel of fabric and it fits your window size perfectly.

Regular curtains are more expensive because they require sewing cost and you also need railings and hooks to hang them on your wall. This is just a lot of effort and money to add privacy to your house while you can achieve better results for something cheaper than this. Buying roller shades instead of curtains make a lot of sense from an affordability perspective as well as in terms of efforts and management.


Affordable Blinds


Roller Blinds Lower Cleaning Cost

We know that it takes a lot of work to clean the curtains but you have no idea how much you can spend cleaning all the curtains in your house even if you are washing them at home. With roller blinds, you will never have to worry about washing your curtains ever again.

First off, roller blinds are made up of durable and light material that collects considerably less dirt and debris than the usual blinds. This is the reason why you will not have to wash the blinds as often as you are used to. And even if you get a stain on them, you can easily spot-clean the roller blinds without having to take them off or immersing them in water.

Whereas if we compare these cost-efficient blinds to regular curtains, curtains need to wash properly every few months. Taking them off the railing and pushing heaps of fabric in your machine is not the best way to spend your laundry days. Roller blinds are a lot easier and affordable since you can just vacuum them to get rid of all the dust.

You won’t even need a lot of energy and high-power cleaners to dust clean these roller blinds. Just keep your vacuum setting to low or medium and clean your roller blinds once or twice a week according to your needs.


Affordable Blinds


Roller Blinds Save Energy

While this may seem like a very far-fetched claim but you can use their efficient roller blinds to cut on your power consumption. First off, one great thing about these blinds is that they can be attached to a cord and motorized. You can regulate these Motorized roller blinds without having to stand up every time you want to draw the blinds.

The blackout roller blinds are great if you aim to be cost-efficient and reduce your power consumption. The thing about blackout roller blinds is that they contain the most heat during the hot hours and can regulate the temperature of your house. This way you will save a lot of electricity on fans and or heaters.

Roller blinds are the best option for people who live in areas with extreme weather conditions. You can easily roll the blinds open when you need fresh air and sunlight in your house and when you don’t feel the need for fresh air, you can conveniently roll them down.

Unlike curtains, these can come with light-blocking side channels that are going to prevent the sunlight from entering throw the window cracks. Moreover, these roller blinds give you far more privacy than fabric curtains. Roller blinds can be easily fixed onto your windows completely peek-proofing your house and keeping all the intrusive neighbors at bay.

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